Garment steamers are an essential part of every household. Which iron is best for clothes to dry or steam? Can a steamer replace iron? What is the best garment steamer by Philips? These questions might come to your mind.  The solution to this question depends on what kind of garments you have and how often you need to use them. Which are the five excellent garment steamers in India in 2022? Let’s find out!


Hence, today we will be going through the Best Garment Steamer in India to help you make your clothes wrinkle-free without damaging them by any means. The top garment steamers prove the ideal solution for making your clothes dapper and neat in a breeze. Additionally, the best garment steamers tend to consume less space, are suitable for those living in compact apartments or houses, and require saving space to make things look tidy and not congested. Having a top-rated garment steamer, you can quickly iron the garments even when they’re hanging inside the closet.


List of Best Garment Steamers in India


For those buyers who cannot narrow down their choice among many products and companies, here are the top five garment steamers available today for your home. All of the steamers on this list are fantastic to have in your house and are more straightforward to use than most of the high-end equipment sold in shops.


After you’ve gone through them once, choose the most dependable and suitable purchase for your house based on your demands and budget.


UshaTEchneDirect 1000w Garment Steamer


UshaTechne Direct garment steamer is a beautiful product. If you’re searching for a cheap 1000w garment steamer that works well for all types of clothing is an easy-to-use device for homeowners.




  • The rich feature set of the highly wealthy.
  • For optimal results, choose the vertical steam option.
  • It’s easy to grip and use.




  • Brand: USHA
  • Color:  Purple/White
  • Item Weight:  2.03 Pounds
  • Style Pack of 1
  • Wattage: 1000 Watts



  • It’s simple to operate.
  • 1000w of power is more than enough to deal with virtually any type of garment.
  • It’s a great time to promote your business!



  • Nothing like this has been found so far.


Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer


For purchasers who want a pro-level garment steamer that will provide them with wrinkle-free, quick, and dependable steaming without fault, the Philips EasyTouch Plus garment steamer is an excellent product to choose. The steamer not only has convenient operation, but it also includes several additional features that make it well worth buying for homeowners.



  • The steam throw of 32 g/min.
  • It’s perfect for bulky clothing.
  • The steamer is quick and straightforward to use.



  • Brand: PHILIPS
  • Colour: White
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 35 x 41.5 x 34.5 Centimeters
  • Item Weight:  32 Grams
  • Wattage:  1600 Watts



  • A handy and dependable instrument for working.
  • The brand’s value is very high.


  • Expensive and big.


URPOWER Garment Steamer 130ml Portable Handheld


The URPOWER Garment Steamer 130ml Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer is a powerful steamer that quickly dries cloth. If you have an important meeting to attend and need your clothes dried as soon as possible, this is the ideal dryer for you. You will be able to wash your garments faster than ever before.




  • The steam penetrates the clothes deeply.
  • The water is heated quickly and efficiently.
  • It’s rather significant and long-lasting.




  • Brand: URPOWER
  • Color: White
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.4 x 22.4 x 15.7 Centimeters
  • Weight: 1.2 Pounds
  • Style: Modern




  • Steam is simple to use and dries quickly.
  • Stains on the clothing are also removed.
  • It’s simple to use, and it’s also easy to maintain.
  • It is non-toxic and entirely safe for use. There is no extra heat production and an auto-shut mechanism.


  • Water has been leaking, according to reports.
  • Because there are few service locations, the product’s service may become an issue.



Rowenta IS6300 Master Garment and Fabric Steamer


The Garment and Fabric Steamer from Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size uses steam to clean the whole cloth at once, removing stains as it steams. One of the simplest, highly efficient fabric steamers on the market.



  • Keep the garment in position with clamps.
  • The tank’s bladder capacity is quite large, allowing for a larger quantity of water to be stored.
  • A simple and highly resilient device.



  • Brand Rowenta
  • Color Purple
  • Item Dimensions 49.6 x 30.4 x 42.8 Centimeters
  • Item Weight 16.2 Pounds
  • Style Press Hanger



  • It’s efficient because it uses just 1500 watts of electricity.
  • The entire equipment is operated by the foot.
  • When you’re done washing your delicates, simply attach the clip to hang them after being pressed.


  • The drier was unable to alleviate the wrinkles problem.
  • Cotton shirt pressing difficulties have been mentioned.



The SteamWorks Pro 1500 Watt Garment & Fabric Steamer is a garment and fabric steamer that uses steam to dry your clothes. One of the simple yet modified versions of conventional iron has grown popular. 




  • Fast and efficient in operation, with a high degree of efficiency.
  • Water content in the steamer is relatively high; thus, it lasts a long time.
  • Removes wrinkles from garments naturally and effortlessly.




  • Brand Singer Sewing Co.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 36.8 x 29.2 x 139.7 Centimeters
  • Item Weight 0.1 Kilograms
  • Wattage 1500 Watts
  • Voltage 120 Volts



  • It’s simple to utilize since it incorporates both traditional and modern extracts.
  • Because it operates quickly, most of it is very efficient and cost-effective.
  • The steam is generated in large quantities, and thus it may be used during an emergency.


  • It’s irritating to move this around the space since it’s big and bulky.
  • Because the wire is so short, it can’t be expanded.


Why Choose Garment Steamers?


  • A portable garment steamer heats your clothing without touching them. Every person can easily use a garment steamer with no effort and a distinct technique.
  • A garment steamer can be used on various fabrics without causing any damage. Different textiles may benefit from steam heating, for example, silk, satin, polyester, and more.
  • Garment steamers are a far faster method to freshen up your clothing than irons. The blast of steams makes it simpler for the cloth to relax and not create creases. You don’t have to apply extra pressure on garments when using a garment steamer, as you do with an iron.
  • On the other hand, Garment steamers are smaller and take up less space, allowing you to use them while traveling from place to place.
  • If you have a lot of delicate fabric apparel, a garment steamer is an excellent investment. The garment steamer uses a gentler warm blow and treats your clothing with care. You may also alter the steam and temperature settings depending on the material.


Iron vs Garment Steamer


Compared to a dry or steam iron, garment steamers are fast, precise, and portable. The garment steamers will only take a couple of seconds to produce steam in the best-rated models, which can last for 20 minutes without requiring a refill.


Furthermore, garment steamer machines can produce the most delicate textiles wrinkle-free without harming them. The garment steamers, unlike irons, are well suited for any weave and material type. Even the most rigid fabrics like denim may be steamed vertically with garment steamers.


Buying Guide- How do I choose a garment steamer?


Steam Variable setting


When shopping for the best garment steamers, look for a set of practical steam controls. This option helps control the various streams according to fabric and clothing type. A garment steamer must have many different levels and types of steam, which the user can control.


If a garment steamer does not have a steam variable setting, it will harm your favorite clothes. Look for this option while shopping for the best handheld garment steamers.


Power cord


Most of us encounter the problem of each garment steamer while using an iron or a garment steamer. If you’re having difficulties with your current garment steamer, search for one that comes with a decent power cord. A lengthy and sturdy cable will assist you in keeping track of your work and avoiding concerns about how long it lasts. Decide a specific location to use the garment steamer and calculate how much length you’ll need for the cord. This strategy can help you choose the right power cable size for your garment steamer.


Water tank capacity


The water tank capacity of a garment steamer affects the continuous steam-pressing technique for garments. It aids in delivering adequate water to users, allowing them to work for more extended and improved periods.

A portable garment steamer usually provides almost 10 minutes of steaming. When looking for a garment steamer, keep an eye on the water tank capacity to receive uninterrupted steamings.


Working duration


The tank capacity and the working duration of a garment steamer impact how long you can steam textiles and clothing. Check how long it can steam and operate for you while shopping for garment steamers.

Most garment steamers can steam for approximately 15 minutes, but specific models can endure more than that. While shopping for the best garment steamers, this is something to consider if you travel frequently.


Automatic turn-off feature


An automatic turn-off feature is required to determine a garment steamer’s life and working years. While utilizing a garment steamer on garments, it’s possible that the appliance becomes damp and stops operating. This function is beneficial since it will switch off the steamer once dry.

In the absence of automatic turn-off technology, a steamer that has dried up may be harmed. Look for garment steamers with an automated turn-off function. It will improve your steamer experience and manage the appliance more effectively.


Suitable for different clothing materials


Unlike iron fabric settings, most garment steamers have various configurations for different textiles. This function is required to preserve the fabric’s health and quality while utilizing steam.

The majority of the brands recommend their garment steamer as an excellent option for treating a variety of fabrics, including silk, cotton, nylon, and more. Don’t be fooled by these advertisements; always check and vary the temperature and fabric settings. However, the ideal alternative is to look for steam control capabilities in a garment steamer.


Garment Steamer – Important Tips & Precautions


  • You should avoid filling the water tank to the top since doing so might cause it to splutter.
  • You should preheat the garment steamer properly before using it.
  • The fabric should be stroked vertically, and the collars and cuffs must be stroked horizontally. To prevent any damage, you must avoid pressing the unit against the clothing.
  • Delicate steam materials such as silk from the underside to get the most outstanding performance.
  • You should keep an eye on the water remaining in the reservoir since overheating and dry boiling can result in burns and damage to an important device.
  • Unplug the machine after use, and leave it on a flat surface for at least one hour to drain all the water from the reservoir. Ensure to empty any remaining water from the pool before placing it back inside its storage.
  • Whether it’s on carpets or clothes, you won’t be able to use your steamer on materials like suede and wax.
  • The bottoms of the printed outfits, sequins, and adornments must also be steamed.
  • Finally, avoid exposing your arms and hands to the streamflow since this may result in significant burn injuries.


How Can I Clean My Garment Steamer?


Distilled Water


We must use pure water regularly to avoid limescale and mineral buildup in the water tank or steam nozzles or outlets. If you use tap water, you’ll need to clean your steamer frequently to keep it running correctly in the long run. 


Distilled White Vinegar


Using white distilled vinegar to clean out a garment steamer’s reservoir or steam outlets is an excellent option. Pour the vinegar into the water tank and heat thoroughly before using it. Discharge the hot vinegar down the kitchen sink until every drop is gone, which will aid in mineral and limescale buildup removal.


Once the vinegar is gone, fill the reservoir with distilled water and let it heat up, then drain all of the water from the sink and refill the tank with fresh distilled water to get your garment steamer ready for use again.




Q1. Which is the best handheld garment steamer on the market?


Wistec Techne Direct Handheld Garment Steamer is India’s best handheld garment steamer.


Q2. What is the finest garment steamer made by Philips?


Philips’ EasyTouch Plus GC523-60 1600W garment steamer is one of the finest, top-of-the-line, and efficient garments steamers on the market. Removing creases from clothing has never been easier with this Philips garment steamer.


Q3. Is Inalsa a good brand of garment steamer?


Inalsa is quite a famous brand for household appliances, and this garment steamer is no different.


Q4. Which steamer is best for drying or steaming clothes?


We have mentioned some of the best steamers above.


Q5. What is the use of a garment steamer?


A garment steamer is also known as a clothes steamer or simply a steam, is a machine that uses high-temperature steam to remove wrinkles from clothing and textiles quickly.


Q6. What are the most watts a good steam iron can have?


For irons, a minimum of 1,500 watts is advised, and while the M400 doesn’t produce as much steam as the 1,800-watt Rowenta SteamForce or the 1,600-watt Black+Decker Allure,,, an important it does offer plenty. 


Editor’s choice:-Which is the finest garment steamer to buy in India?


The URPOWER Garment Steamer 130ml Portable Handheld is the best garment steamer for purchase in India since it maintains a full steam penetration and fast heating of the water. It’s also quite sturdy.


Overall, the garment steamer is an excellent option if you want a more convenient tool and easier to maintain than traditional irons. Try it out for yourself, and you’ll be impressed by the steamers’ performance and usability. We examined a variety of garment steamers-related information in this post. We covered a buying guide, some frequently asked questions, and a list of the top garment steamers.

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