Do you have an idea what gives a house its warmth? Yes. But we meant it more literally in terms of love and family! Winter is a beautiful time of year. Who doesn’t love a pleasant, warm and comfortable room? A space heater for winter is just about a demand if you would like that. However, finding the simplest room heater in an Asian country isn’t that easy. You’ll need to contemplate area heater prices, among different things, particularly once shopping for an electrical room heater online. To assist you in creating that call, here are a number of the simplest room heaters in an Asian country. Note that the selected products were based on specifications, features, and user reviews.

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What Is A Room Heater?

Room heaters are popular devices that people use to warm their rooms in the winter. They’re small to medium-sized gadgets that operate on electricity and are used primarily as room heaters. These room heaters warm the air inside the space, and alternatively, they may warm the surfaces in touch with the emitted heat. 

India experiences hot climates almost all year, except for some severe winters. Furthermore, heavy rains can induce chilly temperatures in certain regions. Who doesn’t want a warm, comfortable house? As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best room heaters for our readers.


Top Room Heaters In India-A Review

We’re sure you want to know which room heaters caught our attention. We considered a few things when looking for room heaters for you, and Wattage and power consumption, safety features, and size are all factors we considered while researching room heaters for you. So here they are!

1) Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater (White)-Best Room Heaters

The OEH-1220, a 2000-watt Orpat room heater, is the perfect way to start our list of best room heaters in India. During the cold and harsh winter season, this element heater ensures that you have consistent, widespread warmth. The SkyGenie delivers comfort across a broad 250-square-foot area, so you won’t have to get too close to the heater to feel its soothing warmth.

Product Features:

  • Heat Settings: The Orpat OEH-1220 room heater has two heat settings, one of which is medium and the other of which is maximum. You can simply adjust the temperature by turning the knob on the Orpat element room heater.
  • Safe to use: If you’ve chosen this room heater for your house, you’ve made the correct decision. It’s because this Fan heater is safe to use. Because it includes a thermal cut-out, you can use it safely.
  • Plug-in Socket: It includes a plug-in socket. As a result, you won’t need to use the usual 5 A or 6 A outlet. However, you’ll need a three-pin male or female plug or an extension cable. This cord may be used as a 5-15 A converter. It is not, however, long-lasting.
  • Safe-to-Touch Exterior: The Orpat OEH-1220 has an entirely non-toxic, safe-to-touch exterior that allows you to touch or move the heating unit while it is switched on.



  • Colour – White
  • Coverage Area – 250 square feet
  • Dimensions – N/A
  • Heat Setting(s) – Two, 1000-watt and 2000-watt
  • Weight – 1.01 kilograms

The Pros

  • 1-year warranty
  • Features non-sagging, cool-to-touch body
  • The excellent coverage area of 250 square foot
  • Handle for quickly moving the unit
  • Long life heating element
  • Safety cut-off

The Cons

  • Flimsy appearance and touch
  • No elevation or angle adjustment is available


2) Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater (Grey)

The Orpat OEH-1260 room heater is the second-best on our list of the finest heaters for rooms in India. It’s time to say goodbye to the rainy season and welcome winter. With this strong element heater from Orpat, you can protect yourself from the harshness and coldness of winter.

Product Features:

  • Keep yourself safe from Winters: The water heater is ideal for use since it can keep you safe even in the cold season. It’s helpful if you live in a location where the winter is chilly.
  • Ideal for a Small/Medium Room: It has two power levels: 1000 watts and 2000 watts. It is suited for small or medium-sized rooms.
  • Used as Fan: The most appealing aspect of this room is that it may be used as a fan and a heater. If you need it, you may also use it as a regular table fan.
  • Power-Efficient Technology: Its motor is highly efficient, allowing you to operate without sacrificing any heat produced and reducing energy expenses.



  • Colour – Apricot/Gray
  • Coverage Area – 250 square feet
  • Dimensions – N/A
  • Heat Setting(s) – Two, 1000-watt and 2000-watt
  • Weight – 1.3 kilograms

The Pros

  • 2-year warranty
  • Features a stand with cord winder
  • Long life, sturdy heating element
  • Portable, ready-to-use unit
  • Safety and thermal cut-off available
  • Two heat settings
  • Variable thermostat setting

The Cons

  • Build quality should’ve been better
  • Inferior quality thermostat


3) Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater

The Heater by Willy Wonka ensures both safety and usefulness. The firm recently claimed the Amazon Choice award for its 2400-watt room heater. It is also one of the best home heaters available in India since it comes with wheels. Havells gives excellent after-sales service throughout your one-year guarantee period.

Product Features:

  • Safety: For additional security, OFR 9 Fin is available from Havells. Potentially deadly accidents are easily prevented, and the overheat protection promises to keep the equipment secure, especially at night. There’s also a second tilt over switch for added safety.
  • Power Setting: During the winter, you may endure some discomfort. As a result, Havells offers three power settings to warm your space quickly. However, you can also save energy at the same time. So stay cosy and worry less about expenses.
  • Thermostatic Heat Control: You can expect the most efficient heating and cooling performance from a willie will be able to provide, with no wasteful waiting. This innovative feature allows this contemporary heater to heat up quickly. Furthermore, you may ultimately control the temperature in the room and set it correctly.
  • PTC Heater with Fan: As your machine will be on for extended periods, it is critical to keep it cool. The fan will assist in the removal of heat. As a result, the body or interior of this top-selling heater will not be heated up.
  • Castor Wheels: The heater is portable, with a capacity of 2400 watts. The wheels on the base are castor and will not scratch the surface, which may readily move from one area to another.



  • Colour – Black
  • Power consumption – 2000 watts
  • Power input – 230 V
  • Weight – 14.4 kilograms

The Pros

  • Easy cord storage facility
  • Convection heating method
  • Portable unit for instant use
  • Rugged construction 
  • Auto Shut-off feature
  • 24 hours home service 

The Cons

  • May make some noise
  • It takes time to heat large rooms


4) Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Best Room Heaters

Whether it’s winter or not, Warm your room with the Bajaj Flashy room heater beside you. The 1000-watt element room heater is available in a single blue colour and is 230 volts rated. The Bajaj Flashy room heater is one of our top picks among India’s six best room heaters, and it has a 1.5-meter cotton braided cord.

Product Features:

  • Nickel Chrome Plated Mesh: A Bajaj Flashy room heater has a nickel chrome plated mesh grid that is corrosion resistant and hardens the surface.
  • Safety System: There is also a braided cotton cord for optimum safety. You no longer have to be concerned about the heater gets too hot, and it can change the heat using a safety mechanism.
  • 1000 Watts Power: A wall-mounted heater with a rod that generates heat using 1000 watts of power is included.
  • Compact Design: The tiny and attractive style makes the element room heater an excellent match for any interior design.



  • Colour – Blue
  • Coverage Area – N/A
  • Dimensions – N/A
  • Heat Setting(s) – Single, 1000-watt
  • Weight – 1.49 kilograms

The Pros

  • 2-year warranty
  • 1.5-meter cord length
  • Ample safety features
  • Budget buy
  • Faster heating and faster cool down
  • Stainless steel build

The Cons

  • You can’t use it for extended periods
  • No thermostat



5) Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt Best Room Heater

Our top pick for the best room heaters in India is the Bajaj Minor room heater. It’s a fantastic method to feel warm and comfy on a chilly winter day. The height-adjustable feature of the Bajaj Minor room heater puts it miles ahead of its competitors that don’t have it.

Product Features:

  • Nickel Chrome Plated Mesh: When you employ this corrosion-resistant nickel chrome plated mesh grid, there are a few things to consider. It will assist you in improving the surface’s hardness.
  • Stainless Steel Reflector: The Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt Best Room Heaters come with a stainless steel reflector that can help you distribute heat throughout the entire room effectively.
  • Stylish Design: The Bajaj Minor room heater features a compact, subtle design that is visually appealing and readily adjustable even in smaller rooms.
  • Tilted Legs: This heater has flexible, adjustable legs that support mobility.



  • Colour – Cream
  • Coverage Area – 150 square feet
  • Dimensions – N/A
  • Heat Setting(s) – Single, 1000-watt
  • Weight – 1.47 kilograms

The Pros

  • 2-year product warranty
  • Adjustable legs
  • Compact, charming design
  • Faster heating
  • Inexpensive purchase
  • The powerful, energy-efficient heating element

The Cons

  • Fragile heating rod
  • Single heat setting
  • Unsuitable for anything beyond small rooms


6)Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 Watts White and Gold

It is the ideal option if you want to heat a little space. This ceramic heater has adjustable temperature control. The heater is included in an all-in-one package with several features. As a result, it may be a fantastic and efficient method to keep your area warm.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable Heat Technology: The use of this heating technology allows you to control the room’s temperature easily. The chamber automatically reduces the amount of heat when it becomes hot. When the area is chilly, it warms up again.
  • Watt Setting: A -watt heat setting at 1300 and 2000 watts is included. This heater’s assistance can heat the space quickly and efficiently while saving money and energy.
  • Durability: This heater has a ceramic heating element. As a result, it is both rigid and long-lasting. One of the finest qualities of this heater is that it is noiseless.



  • Colour – Gold
  • Dimensions –27 x 22 x 36 cm
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Weight – 2 kg 780 g

The Pros

  • Thermostatic control
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Overheat protection
  • Under Budget

The Cons

  • Not suitable for Long term usages.


Types Of Room Heaters

Heating equipment, in general, is manufactured on several fundamental physics principles rather than technology and electronics. But the basic idea remains the same: to warm up the chilly air/surfaces of a room to a pleasant preset temperature. There are numerous sorts to select from.

  • Radiant Heater

Radiant heaters work on the same principle as radiation heating, and they need electricity to function. However, these heaters do not warm the entire space equally, and the heat they emit warms the surfaces they come into contact with.

Oil, ceramic, carbon, and quartz are the most common heat sources for radiant heaters. Naturally, heating is considerably more direct and long-lasting than other forms of heaters.


  • Convection Radiators/Heaters

It’s been a while since anyone used one of these. Due to the movement, molecules in liquids and gases transfer thermal energy. Convection is based on this principle.

Electric heaters convert electrical energy into heat, which is then used to warm the air or oil within the heater. The hot air/oil is circulated with a fan/blower throughout the room, and hot air/oil comes in contact with room air, and heat is carried.


  • Electric Heater

The nature of the heating source is a vast topic to consider. The majority of room heaters are electricity-based, and however, their shape, fuel source, and energy consumption vary considerably. These can be hot/cold air conditioners or radiant heaters.

The heater’s filament, oil, or coil is heated by electricity, and electric energy also dissipates the heat produced by electricity.


  • Infrared Heaters

It is a radiant heater, which means that it does not produce an incandescent light; instead, infrared radiation is transmitted to the surfaces it comes into contact with. Naturally, they are more ecologically beneficial and may be used indoors and partially outside.

Carbon fibre, ceramic, halogen, and quartz heaters are some of the different types of infrared heaters. However, these may be utilized in confined areas such as steam rooms, saunas, spas, tanning salons, and so on because of the heating material used and radiation frequency in each instance.


  • Gas Heaters

Natural gas or propane burners are used to produce heat. Some models also utilise butane/LPG, after which the surrounding space is heated.

Carbon monoxide may build up in newer designs if they are not well ventilated, posing a potential health risk. Even so, contemporary designs remove the concerns of spillage and leakage.


  • Ceramic Heaters

The heaters in ceramic cooktops are powered by electricity, heating the PTC element. In this case, PTC refers to a Positive Temperature Coefficient, and the heat from the PTC ceramic warms up and spreads throughout the room. 


These heaters are tiny, but they operate quickly. They weigh less and are portable, making them ideal for a small area or workplace.



  • Tower Heaters

On the other hand, Tower heaters are more extensive than contemporary models of all space/room heaters. Tower heaters, as their name indicates, are vertical constructions. And we can’t stop gushing about how modern they look!

Tower heaters are powered by electricity, and however, their most significant features include thermostat regulators and voice control. Simply make sure you get one small enough for the space you’ll be using it in. Otherwise, you’ll waste your money buying a tower heater.


  • Oil-Filled Radiators

They are convection heater models. The first step is to install an element such as a coil/grid/mesh within the oil. Then, using electricity, this element heats the oil. Finally, convection currents transmit the heat produced to the room’s air and occupants. It is due to convection currents in the air.

In addition, appliances like this one are popular and safe to use even around animals and children. Furthermore, since the hot oil circulates outside, heat is lost quickly.


  • Hot/Cold AC

When we think about air conditioners, most of us consider cooling systems. On the other hand, these appliances perform more than just coolers as “air conditioners.” A hot/cold AC measures the temperature and humidity of the space.

It cools down the room in the summer by blowing cold air inside. However, if the room temperature drops below the set threshold, it blows warm air into the space.


  • Artificial Fireplaces

A roaring hearth is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a fireplace. However, since the fifties, electric or artificial fireplaces have taken the place of real ones. In reality, they are room heaters that look good!

A heating coil heats the colder air in an electric fireplace, and a fan then blows the warmer air into space. Infrared waves are used to warm areas and objects in a room in specific artificial fireplaces. They also come with LED displays that appear to be flames.


Benefits Of Using A Room Heater

We’re sure you’ve considered a few room heaters while looking for the best deal on an energy-efficient space heater. But are you still thinking about it? We can explain why buying a room heater is such a brilliant idea.

Room Heaters Improve Your Comfort

  • A warm and pleasant atmosphere- who doesn’t love it? Consider curling up with your spouse/child/pet in a toasty, comfortable environment. As a result, use a room heater to combat the winter chill.
  • With half of the world’s workers working from home, a pleasant work environment is required. Whether at home or work, a space heater is effective in every location. When people are physically comfy, they perform better.
  • Is it a sobbing kid or a frightened pet? The cold affects both youngsters and pets. For your baby’s room or the place where your pet is kept, get a tiny room heater. As a result, put the heater out of reach and let your kid/pet sleep in comfort.
  • Are you looking for a way to cook outside? Room heaters can also be used on verandahs, patios, and lawns, and they just need to have an electricity connection. Take a look at how much everyone loves spending time outdoors in the sunshine.


Health Benefits

  • Do you feel unwell? Too chilly? Do you have discomfort or cramps, for example? Is a hot water bag too little? Your room is most likely to be too cold. It may be why you aren’t properly relaxed. You may simply get a room heater designed for your area and go to sleep with ease.
  • Is this situation affecting you significantly? Have you recently noticed a stuffy nose? Consult your doctor and take the needed medicine first. Why not invest in a hot/cold air conditioner instead of a traditional one?
  • Many well-known firms create excellent hot/cold air conditioners, and they function as a cooler or heater depending on the room’s temperature. A hot/cold air conditioner will also remove dust and germs from the air.


Room heaters are tiny, safe, and portable. They’re also the simplest method to heat the space surrounding them. Most importantly, they won’t break the bank!


Buying Guide- How To Choose The Best Room Heater?

Hopefully, you’ve narrowed down your options from the many alternatives we offered you to consider. But are you still considering what to think about before making a purchase? Do not be concerned! We have created a list of considerations for you to consider.

Type Of Room Heater

The most common types of room heaters are convector and radiant. So, you have three choices: fan blowers, oil-filled radiators, and PTC ceramic heaters. Alternatively, you may go with halogen, carbon, or quartz variants. You also have hot/cold air conditioners.

However, bear in mind the size of the room and how quickly you want it heated. Also, decide whether children or animals will be present before selecting a heater. You may then pick the safest and most efficient heater.



Many room heater sellers provide a variety of heat levels, which is indicated in watts. As a result, the greater the wattage, the more heat is produced.

The calculation is as follows: to heat one square foot of space, 10 watts are required. First, you must determine the area (in sq. ft.) to be heated and then compute the wattage.


Temperature Control

Of course, you want a warm and comfortable room! Doesn’t everyone? However, daily and nighttime temperatures differ significantly. So why not invest in a heater with several temperature settings?

Manufacturers frequently provide a scale of temperature and heat levels with the product. Additionally, activating an auto-power cut function at a specific temperature makes it safe. Always seek a heater that allows you to customise and manage heat settings.


Energy Efficiency

Usually, room heaters are considered to be highly efficient. That is because they convert nearly all of the electricity/energy available into heat. 

You may compute efficiency by dividing output by input. If you multiply the result by 100, you’ll have the energy efficiency percentage. Otherwise, simply check product facts to see if they’re listed there.



It is a fundamental issue to think about. It’s essential to have the space heated adequately within a reasonable time, and the room should not be uncomfortably hot! Furthermore, energy usage and overheating prevention are crucial. As a result, whenever you buy a room heater, make sure you program it for hours or minutes.


The wattage and type of heater define the heater’s ‘throw.’ Convection heaters generally warm the air in a room, and radiant heaters, on the other hand, produce heat through direct contact with surfaces or areas. 

It’s impossible to have a tiny heater for a room yet large enough. As a result, select a heater based on the space available in your home. Place the heater near the surface/location to be heated if possible.


Remote Control

However, all the heaters may not be operated remotely. However, many manufacturers are creating more innovative equipment these days. Tower heaters, oil-filled radiators, and hot/cold air conditioners are all supported by remote controls.


Heat Level Of Casing

Most present heaters operate on electricity, but their heating media varies. As a result, there would always be the risk of heating or fire hazard. The electric supply, the heating element, and the outlets must all be protected with an anti-fire coating.

It is the top layer of the ducting. It may be the casing for the wiring or the heating jacket, which requires heat, fire, and shock resistance. These materials can also withstand a specific amount of heat without melting away. Or have an impact on the system’s integrity. Simply peruse the product information to be safe.



Our knowledgeable readers should be aware of this fact by now. However, merely to be extra explicit, the heater’s size is determined by the room’s size to be heated. Some tiny heaters with greater wattage, on the other hand, can compensate for their small size.

The majority of typical room heaters available on the market are adequate to warm a medium-sized room (150 square feet).


Ease Of Installation

We are confident that our readers will not have to worry about their grades. Room heaters, on the whole, are simple devices that require only adequate power. A heater may occasionally need a stand or mounting surface. You’re ready if you make arrangements for them!

The oil-filled radiators or hot/cold air conditioners only need to be installed. You may also go around this obstacle with the aid of specialists or user manuals.



We’ve previously discussed safety in the chapter above. In another section above, we went over some essential fire safety concepts again, and we urge our readers to go through them once more.

However, just to review the necessary safety features, let us look. There are several potential fires, shock, and overheating risks. You should be good as long as you obtain a decent product, install it correctly, and use it within reasonable limits! In addition to that, timely maintenance also helps guarantee protection.



Like other home appliances, heaters produce both sound and light and heat. However, heater makers often disclose this on the product, following consumer safety and quality standards.

You can determine the decibel level of the sound produced. A noiseless heater is ideal in an office or a children’s space. Hot/cold air conditioners and OFR heaters, on the other hand, produce some amount of noise. Choose a room heater that makes the least amount of noise.



Heating materials come in different weights. Hot/cold air conditioners and OFR heaters weigh between 11 and 16 pounds. ACS are wall-mounted, while OFR heatERS have castor wheels for portability. Convectors, quartz, PTC, halogen heaters are lighter than this.


Because their electronic components are exposed to heat and friction, they are more durable; most room heaters come with a one-year warranty, while some have a two-year guarantee.

As long as you invest in a decent quality heater and operate it within the parameters, it will serve you well. Room heaters generally last for around five years before they need to be replaced.



The majority of these small room heaters weigh less than a few pounds. As a result, they are easily transportable. They have a handle-like structure to pick up and move halogen heaters. In the manufacture of heavier OFR devices, castor wheels are incorporated into the design.


Yes, we know that hot/cold air conditioners, some OFR heaters, and artificial fireplaces are somewhat costly. Convector-fan heaters, PTC, quartz, halogen heaters, on the other hand, cost less. However, you must consider price alongside quality and efficiency when deciding.

As a result, we must urge our readers to acquire a room heater that is both energy-efficient and safe. We are confident that you will discover one that fits these standards and is reasonably priced.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand to trust for room heaters? 

Room heaters with a 1,000 W power requirement are more efficient and effective than room heaters with lower wattage. Orient is a fantastic option, and however, Usha, Bajaj, and Havells are all excellent choices. All you have to do now is figure out how much space the room will require.

2. Which room heater should I choose if I prefer an Oil-based heater?

You should go for Orient OF1302F 2900-Watt 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator with Fan. This is a functional heater that can effectively warm or heat your space. The users have given good feedback about this product.

3. What are the room heaters with a 5A plug?

The plug on all 1000W room heaters requires a 5A outlet, but the power cables for room heaters with more than 1000 W need 15A. If you want a 5A socket, go for room heaters with a capacity of 1000 Watts.

4. If the room is not confined, will that affect the heater?

It is not advised to seal the rooms since this may increase carbon monoxide formation, which is highly dangerous.

The fact that air warms up and escapes due to pressure is unavoidable, and the rise in pressure caused by the shut room will also boost energy consumption. It’s preferable to keep a window open so that air may escape when heated.


5. Best room heater under Rs 2000?

All room heaters have different features; however, the best room heater under Rs 2000/ is the Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater which is ideal for heating a room of about 120 sq feet.

6. Does the room heater require a special place to be kept?

It cannot be correct because you don’t need a particular location to store it. However, it should be kept somewhere secure and out of reach of tiny children and away from any combustible items or materials.

7. Does an electric room heater produce carbon monoxide?

Because carbon monoxide is produced due to fuel combustion, an electric room heater does not create it.


Editor’s Choice- Which is the best room heater?

Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 Watts White and Gold is the best room heater with the best heating and safety options and an adjustable thermostat.



Final Words

When purchasing a critical piece of equipment like a room heater, knowing what works for you and why is essential; after all, it’s not simply about the manufacturer; you should also spend money on the finest quality available. So, to help you choose the best room heaters in India, we’ve compiled a list of the finest ones that meet your demands. Our buying guide has all the essential information about room heaters and pros and drawbacks, so that is necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. You may quickly choose one that matches your needs without stress.


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