dual inverter AC

                                 DUAL INVERTER AC

A Dual Inverter AC is integrated into an Inverter Air Conditioner to make it a more advanced type of Inverter Air Conditioner instead of the essential inverter air conditioners. A twin rotary compressor eliminates the need for two separate compressors, saving space and significantly lowering energy consumption.


     Why Use A Dual Inverter Air Conditioner?

Using a dual inverter air conditioner consumes less energy, and however, it has various advantages that improve the air conditioning experience in other ways. The following are some of the benefits of an air conditioner and why using a dual inverter air conditioner is preferable:

1) Lower Energy Consumption and Efficient Operation


  • The low power consumption of the Dual Inverter Air Conditioner is remarkable, as it can run on considerably less electricity than a non-inverter or even inverter air conditioner with a single rotary compressor.


  • The twin rotary compressor allows the air conditioner to achieve the same cooling performance while using very little energy from the compressor.


  • Slower speeds necessitate a slower motor operating speed. BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motors are frequently used in air conditioners. Because the RPM of the dual inverter air conditioner is lower, it will require less power. As a result, the dual inverter air conditioner’s efficiency will significantly improve.


  • The dual inverter air conditioner consumes less power, potentially by up to 70% than the non-inverter air conditioner.


  • The cargo of the dual inverter air conditioner’s flexibility in cooling is greater than that of traditional air conditioners. As a result, it will be more effective at controlling energy usage because of its more extended range.


2) Faster Cooling

  • A dual inverter air conditioner with two impellers can deliver more compressed refrigerant than a single rotary compressor in a twin rotary compressor.


  • A twin rotary compressor compresses and delivers almost twice as much air for each revolution as a single rotary compressor. The twin rotary compressor in a dual inverter air conditioner works at the same RPM, but it delivers twice as much. This will cause a dual inverter air conditioner to cool quickly.


3) Reduced Vibration and Better Stability


  • The two-impeller, dual-inverter air conditioner compresses air with two compressors. One impeller is on the shaft turning inside the compressor casing of the single rotary compressor, which may cause the rotational masses to become misaligned.


  • During the rotation, the centrifugal force on the shaft will push it towards the impeller. This force grows as the speed of rotation increases. This element causes prolonged vibration and restricts the maximum RPM the compressor may be run.


  • On the other hand, Twin rotary compressors feature balanced rotating masses on either side. They’re both connected to the same rotor shaft, operating at a 180-degree phase difference. The force created by the two rollers or impellers is balanced by the other. This leads to improved stability and reduced vibrations during the dynamic operation of the air conditioner.


4) Reduced Noise


  • The twin rotary compressor’s balanced impellers on either side of the rotor shaft, owing to a 180-degree phase difference, provide for steady operation and reduced torque variation—the reduction in vibration results in a decrease in the compressor’s noise level.


  • Because of the more excellent compression, a twin rotary compressor can generate the same amount of cooling as a regular inverter air conditioner with a single rotary compressor at slower rotating speeds. The less the compressor speed, the quieter it will be.




  • What is the advantage of dual inverter AC?


The most significant benefit of a dual inverter AC over traditional ones is its energy efficiency, and the additional advantages are outlined above in great detail.


  • What does dual inverter mean?


A Dual Inverter Air Conditioner has two rotary compressors rather than a single inverter air conditioner utilising a single rotary compressor. The figure shows a single roller or impeller in the single rotary compressor.


  • Does dual inverter AC save electricity?


Dual rotary compressors cool faster than other ordinary ACs and use less power. It has a low derating ratio, which means it keeps working well even in the peak summer heat. It also includes a high-definition filter with antivirus protection. So it’s an excellent air conditioner with high efficiency, long life, and efficient cooling at a reasonable price.


  • Does dual inverter AC need a stabilizer?


Because it manages power fluctuations and prevents irreversible harm, an inverter AC voltage stabilizer is required. A mechanism (S-UTR compressor) that controls changes may be included with the stabilizer. However, when the fluctuation surpasses its tolerance, it can’t manage it.



The twin rotary compressor in a Dual Inverter Air Conditioner allows for more cooling efficiency and effectiveness than a non-inverter or simple inverter air conditioner and more excellent stability during operation.

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